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I know
I never came around
to saying this,
but I’m so sorry
for anything
I’d ever done to you.
I don’t know
why you left
or why you decided
to push me out
of your life,
but if it was
because of something
I’d done to you,
I just had to say
I’m sorry.
I didn’t ever mean
to hurt you.
I know it’s too late
right now
but there’s nothing
I’d rather do than
call you right now
and tell you
how much
I love you
and that it’s okay
you weren’t there
when I needed you
because at least
you were what
kept me strong.
I’m so sorry.
I’m so, so sorry.
It’s okay now.
I swear, it’ll be okay.
I’ll be okay.
But I need you
to be okay too. maybe we’ll talk again someday (via itzonlyyoubabe)

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  • me: damn i need to save my money
  • me: *spends $200 in a week*
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If you haven’t heard it yet today, please know that you are loved. I love you. I honor you. I respect you. You are perfect. You are whole. You are complete. You don’t need ANY changing. You are good. Yes, I said it. At your core, your being is made of love and goodness. Please know that you are worthy.

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